How to solve JFolder::create: Could not create directory

One of most common headache when you deploying from local version joomla to production server is : JFolder::create: Could not create directory So from where is coming this problem?

Simple Search and Replace Operations

Jun 18, 2009 Author: SEO
Replacing portions of a string with a different substring is another very common task for PHP developers. Simple substitutions are performed using str_replace() (as wells its case-insensitive variation,…

Development Environment layout using Linux, Apache, PHP, and Subversion

Jun 15, 2009 Author: vvaswani
Some of the most used questions we face lately are: What’s for dinner? Should we accept that friend request on Facebook for the friend of a friend of a friend that I knew 15 years ago? What’s…

PHP Detecting the Host Platform

Feb 09, 2010 Author: strumica
Detecting the Host Platform. Because different types of systems have different sets of host commands available, if you are writing a script that could potentially be executed on different platforms, it's…