How to solve JFolder::create: Could not create directory

One of most common headache when you deploying from local version joomla to production server is : JFolder::create: Could not create directory So from where is coming this problem?

A simple PHP script

Jul 23, 2009 Author: City Hall
If PHP provided only the capability of producing what is essentially static HTML bymeans of print statements, it wouldn't be very useful. PHP's power is that it generates dynamicpages: output that can…

Constructors and Destructors

Jun 29, 2009 Author: City Hall
PHP 5 introduces the concept of the unified constructor and, along with it, a newdestructor for objects. The constructor and destructor are special classmethods thatare called, as their names suggest,…

Flash red moving Cube in PHP

Oct 19, 2009 Author: Developer
This is a simple SWF code made in php programing languge. When you write this program you will see red cube.