Sending upload file with email notify

Oct 27, 2010 Author: LinuxAdmin
Sending email notify with stored content wants a good knowledge of email formats. On the first place in the basic stuff is "Content-type": needs to declare the content as "multipart/mixed".

Placing a File s Contents into a Variable

Oct 07, 2009 Author: City Hall
Let's say that you want to put all of the content of a text file into a variable so that you can access it later. This is a good introduction to file access, because it shows all of the basic steps. Here's…

PHP Checking to See If a File Exists

Aug 31, 2009 Author: vvaswani
fopen() generates error messages if you're trying to open a file that doesn't exist, as do other functions such as unlink(), when you attempt to delete a nonexistent file.

Convert windows newlines to unix newlines

May 16, 2009 Author: Developer
This tutorial will show you how to convert windows system newlines in UNIX system newlines with PHP i hope will help you.

How to delete-remove file with PHP

Feb 23, 2009 Author: Developer
PHP function unlink ()is delete file if the filename like argument is valid. Example In this exampleat beginning we have user function who try to delete file and write result message if file is deleted.