PHP online registrations for cars

Feb 26, 2011 Author: Dusan
This is small not so confusing php script for online registration for cars.

Using curl to Query Remote Servers

Oct 05, 2010 Author: LinuxAdmin
curl is the client URL function library. PHP supports it through libcurl. To enable support for libcurl when installing PHP add --with-curl=[location of curl libraries] to the configure statement before…

A Feedback Form

Oct 05, 2009 Author: Developer
The feedback program you want to create will have three main tasks, as follows: Display a form.•Display a verification page to let the user review what he’s about tosubmit.• Send the form’s…

Validation form Enforcing Required Fields

Aug 22, 2009 Author: Developer
The most basic type of form validation is to enforce that a particular field must contain a value. In the case of a text input that is submitted with no value entered, the element in $_POST is still created,…