Automatically Hyperlinking URLs

Aug 27, 2009 Author: Developer
Most forum and blog software automatically convert URLs in posts and comments into hyperlinked text. You could probably think of a simple way to implement this feature in your own site by matching http://…

Truncate text when reach max chars allowed

Aug 08, 2009 Author: Dr_ViRuS
In this tutorial I will show you one simple method how to cut long texts. This method is really simple. Method parameters

Convert windows newlines to unix newlines

May 16, 2009 Author: Developer
This tutorial will show you how to convert windows system newlines in UNIX system newlines with PHP i hope will help you.

PHP GD How to center a text on an image using GD

Dec 10, 2008 Author: christina
This is a snippet which centers a text on an image using the GD Library. First, we create the image using the ImageCreate() function. Here we set the width & height.